ESVG 123,55Mhz



Airfield information


Gagnef / Himmelslätta ESVG
Surface: Grass
Length of field: 60 x 800 meter (Officially 30x600m)
Runway light: No
Fuel: 98 Oktan (payment, cash only)
Owner of field: Gagnefs Flygklubb (The Aeroclub)
Radio Frequencies:
Gagnef Radio: 123,550 Mhz
Borlänge Tower: 127,300 Mhz
Sweden CTL: 118,200 Mhz
Airfield condition, call: Göran Roth 070-357 18 53
Åke Steen 070-690 42 31
Jan Persson 070-664 64 73
Note: Airfield marked under Borlänge TMA


Position: 6033,1N 1504,7E
Elevation: 575 ft / 175m
Radial from BOR VOR (117,6 Mhz):R299,15Nm Radial from KSD VOR (117,8 Mhz):R037,85Nm


Important information!
– Often wet and swampy at both ends of the field after heavy rain – Right hand circuit RWY 08 (Obstacles, hills NW of field) – If wind from NW, be prepared for downwash – Keep an altitude of minimum 15ft over the road, when landing RWY26 – Obstacles: (Hills of forest, West and East of field) – Gliding activity Notice At both ends of the field, especially in the summer after heavy rain periods, the runway-ends gets very swampy with risk of getting stuck which can cause severe damage to both your plane and the airfield. Please, do not taxi at the field for model airplanes, (closest to the fuel station on the airfield, the grass surface is cut extra short)