ESVG 123,55Mhz






Our Club owns an experiment rated Motor glider of the EAA model SF-25 C Exp / Rotax 912 TL equipped with a Rotax engine of 80-hp. The wings are shortened 30 cm each, and the undercarriage is equipped with gear legs unlike the original falke. The aircraft, which are a two-seater, has excellent flight performance and is approved for training.


Costs: 150kr/ flight hour + 300kr/Tacho hour

Technical details – SE-UCO
Max speed
Calm weather (VNE): 190km/h
Gusty weather (VRA): 150km/h
Maneuvering speed (VA): 150km/h
Empty weight: 420kg
Max weight: 610kg incl. fuel
Max additional weight: 198kg
Min pilot weight: 60kg
Max pilot weight (both seats): 180kg